The Southern Downs is home to many manufacturing operations creating an array of products, from mobile homes to specialised engineering components for multiple applications. Further expansion in this sector is expected as a result of the region’s low cost industrial land, stable labour force and the strategic location that the Southern Downs offers as a distribution point for the eastern seaboard.

Stock feed manufacturing

The stock feed manufacturing sector is expected to grow in the Southern Downs to meet the demands of both expanding domestic and export markets. Growth may occur from existing operations, while there may also be opportunities for new entrants. The potential growth in stock feed manufacturing provides an opportunity for primary producers to integrate their supply chain.

Grain handling, logistics and value adding

Grain handling including accumulation and grain container packing and shipment to portis a developing sector in the Southern Downs. An expanded, integrated development of container packing and freighting in the Southern Downs also has the potential to attract allied business activities such as grain value adding and processing enterprises.

Food processing

A number of successful food and wine producers in the Southern Downs supply both domestic and international markets. The regionalso has a number of meat processing facilities targeting both domestic and export markets. Overall there is potential for more value adding in the region by way of product development and packaging to meet consumer trends and expectations.

Mining construction industries

The construction phase of coal seam gas mines in the Surat Basin will soon be complete. With the transition to the decades-long production phase in the Basin, new opportunities in the Southern Downs will arisefor manufacturers and engineering companies outside of high cost areas in other regions. This demand for a range of specialised components and products is expected to continue for more than 20 years.