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From 1am, Wednesday 23 December 2020, hospitality businesses (e.g. pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes) must use a digital or electronic method to collect information to ensure clarity of records. Electronic capture options include:

·     QR code-accessed online forms

·     club membership visitation data

·     online booking systems

·     digital spreadsheets.

Both from a health management and from a legal point of view, business operators need to be fully aware and compliant.

If your business already has an online booking system that captures customer information, you don’t need to implement a second form of digital record keeping.
If a customer can’t use a digital method to provide their information (e.g. they don’t have a smartphone), you can collect their information using another method, such as a paper-based form, and then transfer the information to an electronic system within 24 hours.
Businesses in other industries do not need to move to electronic record keeping at this time. This will be determined over the coming weeks and decided based on a risk assessment of other businesses and venues.
Information you must collect includes:

·     full name

·     email address (or residential address if email not available)

·     phone number

·     the date and time period of visit (time in and time out).

The way you collect and store this information must comply with privacy laws.
You must store this information for between 30 and 56 days, unless otherwise specified. After that period, the information should be deleted.
Read more about collecting and storing customer information.
If your business is following an approved COVID Safe industry plan, you may be required to collect additional information. Refer to your plan for more details.

Customer limits
All restricted businesses can have a customer ‘density’ of 1 person per 2 square metres across their venue. This defines the maximum number of people your business premises can hold.
If your business offers ticketed and allocated seating, you can have up to 100% of seated capacity.
Only include areas of your business that are open to the public when working out your floor space (e.g. for a restaurant, you should count the dining area, but not the kitchen).
Physical distancing rules also still apply. Customers must stay 1.5 metres apart at all times, except if they are in the same group.
Note: Your business must still adhere to customer limits for any fire safety, planning approvals or work health and safety regulations.
The most current official source of information is this:

Additional details are still being finalised by Queensland health.  There are some suggestions that a specific tracing app may be made available.

Free Contact Tracing Online Tools


·     Generates a PDF poster including QR Code

·     Update PDF theme

·     Provides codes to develop your own PDF design

·     Add multiple venues

·     Rename venues

·     Delete locations

·     View Check-ins

·     Download Check-in reports

·     Enable check-out tracking

·     Additional software integrations: 


·     Generates a PDF poster including QR Code

·     View Check-ins

·     Download Check-in reports

·     No additional supporting integrations.